Current Issue of Public Affairs Quarterly on the DSM-5

Check out the current edition of Public Affairs Quarterly (January 2015, Vol. 29, No.1)!

It is guest edited by Dan Moseley and contains the following essays:

“The DSM-5 Definition of Mental Disorder” by Devin Singh and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

“Psychological Justice: DSM-5, False Positive Diagnosis, and Fair Equality of Opportunity” by Jerome Wakefield

“Revision and Representation: The Controversial Case of DSM-5″ by Dominic Sisti and Rebecca Johnson

“Hyponarrativity and Context-Specific Limitations of the DSM-5″ by Serife Tekin and Melissa Mosko

The articles are available here:

Discussion: Kozuch and McKenna, “Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Mental Illness”

The new plan for next week’s meeting (Thursday, March 5 in room 213 of Caldwell Hall) is to discuss Benjamin Kozuch and Michael McKenna’s “Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Mental Illness” and Chandra Sripada‘s commentary on it, entitled, “Mental Illness, Moral Responsibility, and Expression of the Self.” This fascinating exchange is forthcoming in Moseley and Gala’s Philosophy and Psychiatry: Problems, Intersections and New Perspectives (Routledge). RSVP to Dan if you plan to attend or would like a copy of the papers.