Presentation: Jesse Summers “Compulsion as Resistance to Reasoning”

On Thursday, July 5 we’ll meet to discuss Jesse Summers work-in-progress “Compulsion as Resistance to Reasoning.” Jesse received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from UCLA and has written a dissertation on addiction. We’ll meet with Jesse in room 208 of Caldwell from 7:00pm-8:30pm. Here is the abstract of the paper:

“I propose an account of compulsion. I question initially whether Gary Watson’s account of compulsion can distinguish compulsion from normal desires. I then consider whether compulsion is a motivation that did not originate in one’s decisions. I reject this view because decisions and consequent motivations, may be compelled. I then consider whether compulsion is motivation that one cannot change. I reject this view because even compulsive motivation can be changed. I then propose that compulsive motivation is resistance to reasoning, which captures the insights of the previous two proposals. So understood, and perhaps surprisingly, compulsion is both ubiquitous and not as obviously objectionable as we may have supposed. I end by suggesting that compulsion may even be compatible with one’s being willing, if a willing addict is possible.”