Presentation: Dorit Bar-On, “Minding the Gap: In Defense of Mind-Mind Continuity”

We are very pleased to announce that Dorit Bar-On, (Zachary Smith Distinguished Professor; Director of The Expressive Communication and Origins of Meaning Research Group) will present “Minding the Gap: In Defense of Mind-Mind Continuity” at the next PPRG meeting, which will be Wednesday, November 20 from 7:00pm-8:30pm. The presentation is a sequel to Bar-On’s recent paper “Expressive Communication and Continuity Skepticism” (Journal of Philosophy, Vol.CX, No.6, June 2013, pp.293-330), which is background reading for the meeting. There will be food from Med Deli. Please RSVP (contact Dan) if you plan to attend the meeting or would like a copy of the background reading.